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New York City Council vote in favour of capping Uber drivers

Today, August, 8, New York City Council passed a bill to cap the number of Uber drivers that operate in the City for 12 months. According to a report in Futurism, an "overwhelming" amount of the City Council members voted in favour of the bill along with four other bills. The bill to halt any new licenses being issued to Uber drivers for the next 12 months came about to combat the increased congestion caused by huge numbers of Uber drivers who have joined the ride-sharing giants. City Council members also believe that capping the amount of drivers working for Uber will increase the amount of trips each driver can make throughout their shift, therefore increasing their potential to make more money. Uber are not happy with the decision though, claiming in the New York Times customers will now be left stranded waiting longer for a driver to pick them up and stress that the new bill will do nothing to fix the subway and help taxi medallion owners. The 12 month bill will now give legislators the opportunity to really analyse the impact of ride-hailing in the city and look to come up with a way of assuring it can work for everyone in the future.

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