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Six Yorkshire licensing authorities agree partnership to tackle cross bordering issues

Five West Yorkshire licensing authorities - Bradford, Calderdale, Kirkless, Leeds and Wakefield, along with York have agreed on a joint enforcement scheme that will give each the power to take action against any private hire or taxi driver that is operating "illegally" or "unsafe" within any of the six licensing regions. Up until now, each licensing authority only had the power to take action against rogue drivers who were licensed by themselves, but the new partnership will see cross-border action put into use and give the power to compliance officers to to action against drivers from any of the six licensing authorities. The new scheme would help deal with issues such as drivers who do not have the correct insurance, illegal plying for hire, vehicle defects, incorrect signage and drivers who are operating without the correct licence. Councillor Sarah Ferriby said it makes "absolute sense" to have cross-border enforcement in place. It was also stressed in the Telegraph and Angus that Ferriby also said that the "majority" of taxi and private hire drivers and their vehicles are safe and comply with the law. The new partnership has been welcomed by the Hackney Carriage Owners and Drivers Association in Bradford although they have said that a process should be in place to prevent the same drivers from being checked every day.

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