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Landmark case could see huge fines issued for every trip taken place by Uber drivers in Copenhagen o

A Supreme Court in Denmark has upheld fines given to four Uber drivers for operating illegally. The decision will now pave the way for similar fines to be issued against a further 1,500 drivers. The drivers were found to not have the correct permits to operate which violates a law that was introduced to combat Uber in Denmark. One of the four drivers was fined £59,778 according to a report in euronews. The landmark case will now give Copenhagen police the power to issue fines for every single journey that has taken place between 2014 and 2017. Uber withdrew from Copenhagen in 2017 when Parliament passed a law that introduced more stringent requirements on taxis, such as mandatory fare meters and sensors on seats. According to sources Uber has said they would pay any fines issued to its drivers.

Copenhagen police will now look into what steps they will take from here.

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