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London Black Taxi drivers help tackle knife wielding moped thugs during late night mugging of woman

Most of us may say that if a dangerous incident was unfolding in front of our eyes we would step up and intervene, but it can be a whole different ballgame in the heat of the moment. Thursday night, knife wielding muggers on a moped attempted to rob an innocent woman of her necklace in Marylebone, London. The woman’s boyfriend reacted to the attack by fighting back, eventually tackling one of the men to the ground. Struggling to contain his attacker, the man screamed for help. A number of innocent bystanders jumped to his aid, including London black taxi drivers who were passing the commotion. The dramatic footage can be seen on a clip filmed by London taxi driver Mark Parker.   

Even local residents who heard the screams from their homes ran outside to assist, holding the robber down as he fought to escape their clutches. Reports suggest that the police arrived on the scene to detain the mugger within 5/6 minutes. A large kitchen knife was found at the scene along with the victim’s necklace, which must of come loose during the attempted robbery.

Witnesses to the incident told The Sun they saw “a couple of taxi drivers and several more people” help pin the alleged attacker to the ground. A total of around 15 people assisted in containing him.  

(Image: Twitter)

Scotland Yard has said: "Police were called at around 10.30pm to George Street, W1, following reports of two males on a motorcycle attacking a couple in the street. "A male and female were reported to have been threatened by the two suspects, one armed with a knife, in an attempt to steal the male's watch. "One of the suspects is reported to have attempted to stab the male victim. "The victim fought back and was assisted by members of the public in detaining the male until police arrived. "Police attended and arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder and attempted robbery. "Neither the male or female victim were injured. "The male arrested was taken to a central London police station where he currently remains. "The rider of the motorcycle made off; enquiries are ongoing to trace him." 

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