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CCTV to be introduced into taxis and private hire vehicles countrywide

A Rotherham child abuse survivor is supporting the governments proposed move to bring in legislation to force taxi and private hire drivers to install CCTV in their vehicles.

Sammy Woodhouse, who waa abused by Rotherham gang leader, Arshid Hussain has been lobbying Government to bring in CCTV into taxis and private hire vehicles after it was made mandatory in Rotherham in 2016.

The Government’s Task and Finish Group, said: “In the interests of passenger safety, particularly in the light of events in towns and cities like Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle and Rotherham, all licensed vehicles must be fitted with CCTV (visual and audio) subject to strict data protection measures."

According to a report in The Star Ms Woodhouse believes that having CCTV in taxis and private hire vehicles will not only protect passengers, but it will also protect from drivers from spurious accusations too.

The Task and Finish report was released this week and is expected to be reviewed by the Government in the coming weeks.

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