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To see or not to see? Cabbies launch a petition challenging councils restrictions on Tinted windows

Taxi and private hire drivers have launched a petition against Erewash Borough Council’s restrictions on having tinted windows on their vehicles.

Council regulations currently require a minimum of 70 percent of light to be allowed through vehicle windows, which pretty much eliminates the use of having any tint at all. Current rules are in place to protect passengers, especially the young and vulnerable, but drivers are now saying that the policy is often being overlooked at the licensing stage, leaving drivers having to face retrospective action further down the line if their vehicle is seen to be breaking current regulations. According to a report in the Nottingham Post, drivers claim that, in some cases, it is costing up to £4,000 to rectify any issues with the windows that were not enforced at the licensing stage. Drivers say that it is becoming harder and harder to find suitable vehicles for their job that don’t already come with tints as standard by the manufacturers. The petition also highlights the fact that private hire vehicles from other licensing authorities, which don’t have the same restrictions on tints, are constantly dropping off and picking up. Erewash cabbies believe this to be unfair. Council officers have now contacted all licensed drivers to gain an overall feedback before they even begin to consider any policy change. According to sources, councillors will decide this Thursday, October 4, whether to consider any further responses from drivers and then make a decision on how to move forward with the complaints.  

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