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Cabbie escapes jail after fight with passenger

A cabbie was spared prison after getting into a fight with one of his passengers.

33 year old Payblue Guebo had picked up three people from Newcastle city centre and was asked to go to Chapel Park.

A couple had asked for their friend to be dropped off en-route, and it was then discovered that the female of the couple had left a bag in the takeaway where they were picked up from.

The male half of the couple, who was also a cabbie, asked the driver to go back to the pick-up point so as the couple could retrieve the bag. An argument subsequently followed after Guebo who initially agreed to return to the pick-up addtess, stopped hos vehicle and asked for an immediate payment. He then told the couple to leave the vehicle when they refused to pay. Guebo was then punched in the face after the male half of the couple refused to comply. Guebo then retaliated by pinning the passenger to railings and then punching and stamping on him. After his passenger had been knocked to the ground, Guebo continued to punch the man. The victim suffered minor injuries during the altercation. Guebo who admitted assualt occasioning actual bodily harm received a 6 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months as well as being ordered to do 80 hours unpaid work. According to The Chronicle Live Guebo had a previous conviction for criminal damage.

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