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Council considers banning Taxi drivers from wearing shorts because they deem them to be too sexual a

Bath and North East Somerset Council are looking to stop taxi drivers from wearing shorts, branding them too “provocative and sexually revealing” which could make passengers feel uncomfortable. Taxi drivers have already had a strict dress code enforced on them with a number of items of clothing banned, including ripped or holey clothes, items with suggestive or offensive words or graphics, sports kits and tracksuits.

Now the council will meet next week to considered whether or not they should also ban shorts, miniskirts and any clothing that could be deemed to be provocative or sexually revealing, the SomersetLive reported. Bath Spa cabbies have said they’ve never seen a taxi driver wearing sexually revealing clothes and say that banning shorts will just make drivers “uncomfortable” and “irate”. Drivers have appealed the consultations desire to include shorts in the ban especially during hot weather, but one of the consultation officers has said that the fitting of shorts can vary widely, saying “one person’s idea of an acceptable dress code can be very different from another person’s.” One taxi driver has branded the potential ban on shorts as “pathetic, petty and vindictive.” Council officers responded by saying no member of the public should be made to feel uncomfortable by a driver whose choice of shorts(or other clothing) may be inappropriate and make them feel uncomfortable. Bath and North East Somerset Council will meet next week to consider the new rules.

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