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Wakefield council accused of forcing cabbies to ignore disabled passengers

Wakefield council have come under fire from irate cabbies after it was claimed that new rules imposed by the council are preventing them from picking up disabled passengers.

The new legislation which is being brought in will see around 90% of all vehicles used as cabs taken off of the road, as the council seek to ban vehicles whose registration pre-dates September 2016.

As a result of this, both the private hire industry and the taxi industry are claiming that a dearth of wheelchair accessible vehicles will make it inpossible to service the area.

As a result of the impending changes, a 200 strong petition is to be subnitted to the council by the cabbies registering objections to the legislative alterations.

Concerns have been raised as to the alleged disctiminatory nature of the changes which may invlude breaches of the 2010 equality act.

Other changes which may come into force could see cabbies who have been convicted of driving offences which incur a license suspension, face a tougher time in getting their license back.

Wakefield council have responded, claiming that drivers will have until 2020 before they have to change their vehicles.

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