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Passenger fined for “scaring” taxi driver and told to stay indoors

An irate taxi passenger must pay a fine of £75 for scaring a cabbie and has been ordered to remain indoors every night until the new year.

Ryan Hancock was one of four men who hailed the taxi in Daybrook, Nottingham in the early hours of the morning. Mr Hancock pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour as Nottingham Magistrates Court heard that one passenger hit the back of the cabbies seat whilst a second man screamed “Drive, drive, go on drive." Tom Heath who was representing the driver in court said: "The driver became quite scared.” The unnamed cabbie then pulled over and asked them to leave his taxi due to their behaviour. One passenger said “do you want a fight?'" Heath went on to say that the driver then went to call the police, however Hancock ended the call and said he "would knock him out," Nigel Dicks, mitigating and defending Hancock said the defendant agreed to the threatening behaviour. He however rejected claims that he kicked off the wing mirror of the vehicle they were thrown out off. The arguement was said to have begun when the passengers questioned the £2.90 flag fall rate on the meter. Deputy District Judge Olwyn Davies slapped a down a curfew on Mr Hancock lasting three months. According to Nottinghamshire Live the judge said to Mr Hancock: "Taxi drivers work alone and are often in a situation where they are vulnerable. They are entitled to expect some protection from the law. "If you have a dispute, complain to the council, don't act in this fashion." 

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