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London cabbie releases magical taxi children’s book

London taxi driver, mum and now author has released the fantastic children’s book “Pops the Magic Taxi”.

The book see’s Joe’s mum drives a black taxi called Pops. But Pops is not like any other taxi: she is magic and can travel back through time! Readers can join Pops, Mum and Joe on their first time-travelling adventure as they rescue a runaway dog at Battersea Power Station. Fiona Kennedy a cabbie since 2001 was inspired to write the children’s book based around a magical taxi whilst stuck in traffic on Park Lane. The inspiration around the topic of Battersea Power Station came a few weeks later and Pops was created. Kennedy said: “I was travelling on a coach to the British Museum for a class visit, when we passed Battersea Power Station. It was a hive of activity, after many years of being vacant it was finally being renovated. I got the children to count the cranes. “Like a lot of London cabbies, I listen to BBC Radio London. I have heard presenter Jo Good say ‘There’s a book in everyone’ on numerous occasions, but it had never stirred anything inside me before. As soon as I heard her say it, I had a lightbulb moment; everything came together. I had an idea for a book: that was the seed. The location, Battersea – was the earth. Finding out about London’s past – was the water and Jo was the sunshine, something clicked in my head and, a beautiful Poppy grew.” You can buy the book ready for Christmas by visiting

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