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TfL fudge traffic problems caused by Cycle Superhighway

TfL have come under fire this week after rejecting a plan to introduce dynamic lane management to the cycle superhighway along the Embankment.

LBC's Nick Ferrari spoke to TfL's Director of Transport Strategy, Lilli Matson, who defended TfL's decision not to implement the proposal, claiming that cyclists are put off because they are scared of traffic. 

Ms Matson also stated that the only way you can ensure peoples safety when cycling is to put in resources which are high quality and trusted.

Nick Ferrari countered Ms Matson's comments by repeatedly asking about how TfL are going to tackle pollution if they are reducing roadspace.

Ms Matson was insistant that pollution and congestion ensued because of an excess demand to use London's roads, despite Nick Ferraris insistance that the excess demand had been crrated due to road-space reduction.

Dynamic lane management proposals have been gaining some traction due to the inactivity along the Embankment cycle lane outside of peak hours.

Dynamic lane management is the use of any given lane, in the Embankment's case, the cycle superhighway, outside of prescribed hours, being given over to vehicular traffic.

There is no doubt that this issue will rumble on, as TfL seem to be failing to acknowledge that there are major traffic problems which have been created across London due to poor planning by both themselves amd London borough councils.

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