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Driver sacked for refusing to transport poppies

A taxi driver in Birmingham has been dismissed after refusing to take boxes of Remembrance poppies it was alleged. 

The driver who was working for KMR Cars was involved in the incident with a passenger at the Perry Common Royal British Legion. The car company said an allegation was then made which involved the drivers refusal to accompany a passenger who wished to transport poppies. After an investigation into the incident KMR Cars confirmed the dismissal of the driver. A spokesperson from KMR Cars said: “Due to this gross negligence of the driver and incompetence by not alerting the office of him not picking up the passenger KMR Cars have dismissed the Driver who cannot be named (due to Data Protection Act) and he shall no longer be representing KMR Cars any longer.” “All drivers are vetted and Licensed by their local council, therefore this matter has also been reported to Enforcement at Birmingham City Council (the identified drivers council) and the drivers’ details such as Badge Number, Vehicle Details have now been passed on to them and they are looking into this as a matter of urgency. We are now working with the Birmingham City Council regarding this issue and are assisting them in any way possible.” “KMR Cars would like to apologise for the outrage that has been a result of this incident whilst we have needed time to gather information.” 

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