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Fully autonomous vehicles may be further away than anticipated

In a keynote address at the third annual Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference and Trade Show, Grant Courville, vice president of product management and strategy for QNX, which is a division of Blackberry, has stated that fully autonomous vehicles may be further away than we think.

Mr Courville explained that fully autonomous vehicles, in other words, vehicles with no accelerator pedal, brake pedal, nor steering wheel, are unlikely to be common-place until at least 2035.

In the interim, vehicles will be produced with enhanced security features, as well as some autonomous features, but the belief that self-driving vehicles will take over the roads in two or three years time is unlikely.

Courville stated that the road to full autonomy is fraught with conplex hurdles, both technologically as well as regulatory.

According to CBC the conference at Caesers' Windsor was attended by around 300 people.

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