Investigation into Private Hire licence bribery shows no wrongdoings despite leaked video

An investigation into the alleged bribery scandel by a private hire driver who was recorded on a phonecall supposedly offering to assist another driver who had his licence suspended, have it reinstated has come back with findings of "no wrongdoings" by all parties.

Leeds City Council launched the investigation after a leaked video was posted on Youtube in April. West Yorkshire Police said it also 'looked into' allegations of attempted bribery.

The video, where you can hear a conversation between a man who it seems was attempting to have a friend’s private hire licence reinstated and a man from a private hire firm who claimed to have someone on the inside of Leeds City Council, can clearly be heard saying "whoever I've got inside will need paying" sparked concerns over possible bribery within the licensing authority, but after a 'thorough and robust investigation' no one will be punished.

As reported in the Leeds Live, Leeds City Council has said that it is disappointed that their reputation has been called into question by what has proved to be a baseless accusation.

In the video the man - who works for a taxi firm in Leeds - agrees to help a suspended driver get his private hire licence back during a phone call. But he goes on to say the driver will need to bring money because 'whoever I've got inside needs paying'. The man makes the scandalous statement after the private hire driver on the other end of the phone asks him to help a fellow driver, who has allegedly been suspended because he 'slapped his wife' and 'she complained'. The man can then be heard saying 'don't spread it around though will you?'

In a statement, the council said it takes 'any allegations of this nature extremely seriously' and that's why it immediately launched an investigation into the claims made in the video, but there was no evidence to substantiate or support the allegations made so therefore no action will be taken.

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