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Cycle Superhighway costing local businesses £5.3m a year due to traffic delays

Local businesses situated along the notorious East West Cycle Superhighway are losing £5.3m a year due to traffic delays a recently published report has found. The report, which was conducted by transport economists Volterra and commissioned by pressure group Unblock the Embankment, claims that roughly 400 working hours are being lost a day to the cycle scheme. Traffic has increased along the stretch of road which travels between Tower Hill and Lancaster Gate. An eastbound lane for motor vehicles was lost to make way for the segregated cycle lane. City Hall have said the route was a success and would not be changed despite reports of its low usage. According to the BBC, Chris Westcott from Royal Jersey Laundry, said a journey which used to take 45 minutes to run now takes over an hour which has meant the need for more staff to complete the same amount of work on time. Mr Westport said the delays had "cost the company a fortune, circa £110,000 a year".

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