Could cabbies caught up in the O2 network outage be entitled to compensation

With the fallout from the O2 network outage potentially costing businesses across the country millions in lost revenue, it has emerged that taxi and private hire drivers may be entitled to compensation for loss of income. 

With cabbies ever more reliant on the mobile network across the UK to clear credit cards and operate work apps, yesterdays outage left some drivers trying to operate with one arm wrenched behind their back.

According to consumer rights website,  The Complaining Cow the outage falls squarely under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which dictates that a person is entitled to services to be carried out with reasonable skill and care.

The failure of any given company to provide an adequate service, even if it due to the actions of a third party, is an irrelevance.

If an individual has a contract with O2 and O2 are unable to provide that service, they then become in breach of that contract and the individual is entitled to redress.

That redress may include out of pocket expenses, costs attached to the tine that you are without the use of your phone, as well as any consequential losses.

Getting the ball rolling is relatively straightforward, simply calculate any and all losses, providing evidence of those losses in writing, then give an appraisal of the issues faced whilst the network was down, mentioning the breach of Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Failure to achieve a satisfactory outcome then brings the Communications Ombudsman Service into play. 

If you are a customer of another mobile phone provider which piggy-backs on the back of the O2 network, you then have to deal with the company who you have the contract with.

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