Court hears minicab driver shook his eight-week-old son to death after changing the baby's nappy

An Uber driver shook his eight-week-old son to death after changing the baby's nappy delayed him meeting his lover, a court heard. Abdoul Boudabes, 39, allegedly attacked baby Tyrone Boudabes as his partner, Henrietta Beugre, took a shower at their flat in Plumstead, southeast London, on 16 September 2016. Jurors heard Boudabes had earlier sent a text to his second girlfriend, Safi Totaud, saying 'Miss u bbz', to which she replied 'Me too love'. He had told Ms Totaud he was on his way to see her as he drove Miss Beugre and Tyrone home to their bedsit in Macoma Road. But Boudabes allegedly lost his temper after his son soiled himself and shook him with 'such force' that he suffered fatal brain damage. Tyrone, who was later found lying naked on a changing mat at the end of the bed, died from his injuries in hospital days later. A post-mortem revealed he had suffered a number of bleeds on the brain, trauma to his spine and retinal haemmorhages, the Old Bailey heard. Simon Mayo, QC, prosecuting, told jurors: 'There will no doubt be many questions that you will have to grapple with in this case, including perhaps why an otherwise ostensibly loving father would inflict serious injury on his infant child. 'It is a sad fact that parents, even loving parents, sometimes do things in a fit of sudden anger or frustration that they would not otherwise do. 'It is in that context that we ask you to consider the surrounding circumstances that evening. 'The defendant was due to meet with Safi Totaud, the other woman in his life. 'He was clearly anxious to be on his way because he had urged Miss Beugre to be quick in the shower. 'Feeling under pressure of time, perhaps the last thing that he wanted was to be delayed any further. 'But that was inevitably what was going to happen when Tyrone's profuse diarrhoea covered not only the bed but his clothes. 'It is in all likelihood those circumstances that led to a sudden loss of temper on the part of the defendant which in turn led to him violently shaking Tyrone with such force that he suffered fatal brain damage.' Boudabes had been in a relationship with Ms Totaud since 2012 and began seeing Ms Beugre after meeting her in 2014, the court heard. He and Miss Totaud were trying to have a baby and he believed she would leave him if she found out about his relationship and baby with Miss Beugre, jurors heard. Boudabes and Miss Beugre took Tyrone to the doctor for a check-up and immunisations on the morning of 16 September. He later collected them from a mutual friend's hair salon, then dropped Miss Beugre at a kebab shop on the way back to their bedsit while he went on ahead with Tyrone. Boudabes texted Ms Totaud at 8.12pm saying 'I'm on my way' when he was still in his car with Miss Beugre and Tyrone, the court heard. He was alone with the baby for 10 minutes while Miss Beugre was coming home with her kebab and for a further 10 minutes while she was in the shower. Boudabes called paramedics at 9pm and said his son had started crying while he was bathing him then stopped breathing. He later claimed the infant had banged his head while he was washing him, the court heard. Boudabes was arrested on 17 September 2016 and told officers during interview that Tyrone had 'pooed' everywhere and he had dropped him back on the changing mat and began cleaning up. He admitted he was annoyed because the faeces had spread everywhere, including on his own clothes. Consultant Forensic Pathologist Dr Nat Cary concluded that Tyrone's injuries were the result of a head injury caused by shaking and or impact, the court heard. Mr Mayo added: 'It is the prosecution's case that Mr Boudabes was responsible for inflicting the injuries to Tyrone that were to lead to his death. 'There was no witness to the actions which caused the injuries to Tyrone but the prosecution will call compelling expert evidence to prove that the injuries suffered were non-accidental and that they were most likely caused by Tyrone being shaken violently.' Boudabes, of Chingford Road, Walthamstow, east London, denies murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter. The trial continues. 

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