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UK Airport hopes to introduce a free drop off zone and Taxi waiting area if it gets expansion go-ahe

Bristol Airport have said that if their expansion plans are given the go-ahead they will allow free drop-offs and locate a new authorised waiting area for taxis. The airport removed its free drop-off zone back in 2011 and introduced a payment system based on the amount off time you took to drop and leave. The new proposals, if given the go-ahead, will come as good news for local residents who have complained about cars clogging up parking laybys and residential roads. As reported in the Bristol Live, some residents have said that they have been left without being able to gain access to their property. The plans are subject to the airport getting approval to spandexes beyond its current cap of 10 million passengers a year. The airport’s planning and sustainability director Simon Earles said: “By accommodating waiting taxis on site and providing a free alternative for private vehicles dropping off passengers, we aim to reduce the impact of growth on local villages.” A number of airports across the UK currently charge for taxis to drop off, including Luton, Stansted and Manchester which is paid for by the driver in most cases.  

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