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Minicab driver jailed for the rape of female passenger

A minicab driver in Winchester has been jailed after being found guilty of rape following a seven day trial at Southampton Crown Court where the jury made an unanimous decision. Ferham Khan, aged 29, from Southampton was sentenced to 12 years, the BBC confirmed, for raping a 33-year-old woman in his minicab in September 2017. The woman had been enjoying a night out with her friends and at the end of the evening called for a cab to take her home. The court heard how Khan had picked up his victim at around 1am on Saturday 30 September 2017, and believing she had fallen asleep, he pulled over in an unknown location and proceeded to sexually assault her and orally rape her. The court heard how the woman was so scared that she froze, and when Khan thought she had passed out through having too much to drink, he called the police to complain that he had an unconscious woman in his car and that he wanted her removed. The police and paramedics turned up, this is when the woman was able to disclose her ordeal. Khan was immediately arrested and his vehicle seized for forensic examination. When questioned by officers, Khan said it was an accident, saying that the woman had fallen on him whilst he had his trousers unbuttoned. Later he admitted that was a lie, saying he was concerned his wife would find out he had had a sexual encounter with another woman. He went on to say the whole situation was consensual, claiming the victim had started touching him first and even suggesting that she did it for a cheaper fare.

In a quote, published by Hampshire Police, the victim explained the impact the events of that night has had on her life: “On that night, I did as any young woman would. I went out with friends and I took a taxi home. What happened in the taxi destroyed me. That man shattered my world into tiny pieces. The pain and suffering I have endured because of what he did to me has left me broken. I don’t know who I am anymore. This man had stripped me of my identity. “At the moment I am simply surviving, I take each day as it comes and pray that one day I will feel like me again and be able to start living.” Police Staff Investigator Joanne Parr-Daniels said: “The bravery and strength we have seen in this woman is commendable. Khan turned her life upside down that night 17 months ago. We are so impressed with her courage. No matter how traumatic this has been for her and continues to be, she has supported this protracted and a complex investigation of rape. Without her would not have been able to get Khan to face justice for what he did. “I hope now this sentence means she will be able to move forward with her life.”

(Image:Hampshire Police)

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