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Ubers electric bike sharing scheme rejected by Dublin City Council

A proposal by Uber to launch an electric bike sharing scheme across Dublin has been rejected by the city council.

The council cited concerns over safety and the potential for vandalism by other operators.

Uber had planned to instal 1000 electric bikes across the Irish capital, however Ubers petition was rejected.

It was argued by Dublin City Council that the bikes should be introduced on an incremental basis. 

There were also concerns at the amount of people which had been killed using the e-bikes in other countries, such as the Netherlands, where 57 people had been killed in just one year. 

It was also argued by the council that two e-bike providers would be adequate for a city the size of Dublin, with vandalism and predatory pricing also being a factor in the councils decision.

No comment has been made by Uber as yet in relation to Dublin City Councils rejection of the proposal.

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