Climate change protester branded a hypocrite after admitting taking a taxi to a meeting

An Extinction Rebellion campaigner has been branded a hypocrite after admitting that he took a taxi to a meeting during this weeks climate change protests.

The Daily Express reported that climate activist Rupert Read, dropped the clanger live on LBCs Iain Dale show on Thursday.

In describing the protest atmosphere on Waterloo Bridge, he said: "The atmosphere there is fantastic and loads of ordinary passers-by, loads of citizens supporting us. I then took a taxi to get to the meeting I’ve just been in now, and the driver was hugely supportive."

Presenter Iain Dale, seemingly trying hard not to giggle, retorted: “I hope it was an electric taxi, because otherwise why didn’t you use the tube?" 

A seemingly embarrassed Mr Read replied: “Well, because I was in a terrible rush,  and I’m a human being like anybody else.” Undeterred by Mr Reads' response, Iain Dale fired back by saying: “Well, don’t you think that’s slightly hypocritical?” Imcredibly, Mr Read then replied: “No, I don’t Iain.” The clearly amused presenter then responded by saying: “I think everybody listening to this interview will.”

The climate change protest, which is expected to last two weeks, has already seen more than 570 arrests, as well as businesses losing thousands of pounds per day because of the disruption. 

The taxi industry has also been hit hard because of road closures and the bus network has been crippled because of the disruption caused.

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Image Author David Holt 

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