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Preston 'Hate Rant' taxi driver still under investigation five months after arrest

A Preston taxi driver who was arrested on suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment is still under investigation five months after his arrest, the Lancashire Post first reported.

Zaheer Hussain, 41, was arrested and released by Preston Police after the video went viral which showed him giving a 'hate rant' speech.

Hussain could be heard using offensive and derogatory language and making threats to Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

An online petition was started by 25-year-old Daniel Allen who watched the footage and said he believed that the nature of the content showed an extreme conflict of interest given the nature of Hussain’s job as a taxi driver.

Hussain handed in his hackney carriage licence in January after he was summoned before Preston City Council's Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee for review. He later released a second video in which he apologised for his "offensive" comments.

The police have now confirmed that investigations are still ongoing and have released no information suggesting when they will be concluded.

Video: Source; YouTube

Video: Author; Apostate Media

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