Car free day slammed by motoring group as taxi drivers and other motorists are forced to negotiate m

Alliance of British Drivers speak out against frivolous road closures

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has spoken out against what they say are "unnecessary day-long road closures for frivolous reasons".

They said: "In a modern 24/7 society denying drivers the use of roads for spurious reasons is unacceptable. 

"The ABD has become increasingly concerned about the trend in unnecessary day-long road closures for frivolous reasons such as Play Streets, Car Free Days and 100-mile cycling event routes."

The comments were made on the back of the World Car Free Day event, which took place on Sunday 21 Spetember, in major cities across the globe. The ABD explained that although the events tend to take place on a Sunday, it is a normal working day for many, highlighting the issue of what they believe is little or no meaningful consultation. They also stated that no group or individual should be given the right to dictate how, when and where anyone else can travel. Concern was also expressed at the illegal road blockages prepetuated by protest groups which has caused motorists and those working in the transport industry major problems in navigating their way across a number of cities in the UK. ABD Spokesman Paul Biggs said: “We have a long tradition in the UK of brief, localised road closures in towns and cities for events such as Carnivals or Remembrance, but extensive, day-long road closures are now being used to attack vehicle use. "The now postponed closure of the arterial A38 (M) Aston Expressway in Birmingham for Car Free Day on 22nd September is described as “hugely symbolic and ambitious” by anti-car zealots within Birmingham City Council. We need to remember what the roads are actually for and why it is vital that they aren’t unnecessarily obstructed. Roads are not a replacement for parks, gardens or the ballot box.” Background Image Source: Flickr Background Image Author:  Garry Knight 

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