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30 cyclists in 90 minutes caught running a red light on Manchester's Oxford Road

Image credit : Twitter @GMPCityCentre

30 cyclists were caught running a red light in Manchester's city centre in just 90 minutes, Greater Manchester Police have revealed.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police Transport Unit spent the hour and a half monitoring the behaviour of cyclists at the set of traffic lights to help make the city a safer place to cycle.

Using social media to highlight the offences, a spokesperson for the force said: "In just 90 minutes, GMP Transport Unit dealt with 30 cyclists who were found to have ridden straight through red traffic lights on Oxford Road.

"Please follow the rules of the road and help us make the city a safer place to cycle."

Traffic Offence Reports were issued to each of the cyclists, but a spokesperson added: "However officers have also utilised education alongside enforcement. By highlighting the dangers and refreshing their knowledge of the law we hope to reduce the risks to all road users, not just cyclists."

The incidents come just days after TaxiPoint reported on a similar operation which took place in London where the Metropolitan Police caught 18 cyclists, also in 90 minutes, and reported them for riding straight through red lights.


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