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5,000TH CHARGE: ZEVHub celebrates milestone after launching new taxi charging hub in London

Image credit: ZEVHub

ZEVHub has successfully completed its 5,000th charge after recently launching a new electric taxi charging hub to cabbies in London.

Black cab rental firm HP Taxis partnered with ZEVHub to introduce the new taxi charging hub conveniently situated just off the Old Kent Road on Mandela Way. Occupying a generous site in South London, the hub boasts ten 30kWh charge points exclusively designed for cabbies. These unique charging stations, developed using innovative charging technology, allows cabbies to charge their LEVC TX vehicles from empty to over 80% capacity in a mere thirty minutes. All this is available at the affordable rate of 60p per kilowatt-hour.

The charging points cater to both CSS and CHAdeMO sockets, providing compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles. Drivers can simply log their arrival and departure times and make their payment via the site's dedicated staff members. Additionally, clean toilet facilities are provided, ensuring a comfortable experience for drivers, who can also take the opportunity to grab a coffee while waiting for their vehicles to charge.

While the introduction of this taxi charging hub in a central area is already cause for excitement among taxi drivers, the true anticipation lies in the potential of the site and its future plans. ZEVHub and HP Taxi have hinted at further expansions and enhancements to the charging hub, promising more convenience and amenities for drivers and potentially bringing more clean energy solutions to the area.

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the launch of this hub marks a significant step forward in establishing a reliable charging infrastructure for the taxi industry. The collaboration between ZEVHub and HP Taxi is set to contribute to the ongoing efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options in London.

A ZEVHub spokesperson said: “ZEVHub has completed its 5000th charge! Thank you to all you have joined us on the start of our journey in helping fleets charge affordably. Pop down to 15 Mandela Way for a charge and a coffee.”


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