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£5 million Low Emission Zone Support Fund now open to help taxis and other business in Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced the £5 million re-opening of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Support Fund for the fiscal year 2024-25.

This marks the fifth consecutive year of the fund, which aims to reduce the number of non-compliant vehicles on Scotland's roads by offering financial incentives and Travel Better credits.

Administered by the Energy Saving Trust, the fund is a means-tested initiative designed to assist those most impacted by the LEZ regulations. It targets individual motorists and micro-businesses, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable travel methods and adhere to stricter air quality standards that benefit public health.

Under the scheme, eligible parties can receive a £2,000 grant to scrap vehicles that fail to meet the LEZ criteria. Additionally, they can secure up to £1,000 in mobility grants or Travel Better credits. These can be used towards the purchase of bicycles, e-bikes, or public transport vouchers, promoting healthier and more environmentally friendly travel options.

Furthermore, £2 million from the fund is allocated to the LEZ Retrofitting Fund. This segment focuses on upgrading light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, and taxis for micro-businesses, ensuring they meet emission standards without needing full replacement.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport Fiona Hyslop said: "I’m pleased to open the Low Emission Zone Support Fund for its fifth round of support. LEZs are a vital public health measure and by providing financial assistance to people and businesses that need it most, we’re ensuring that the transition to wider LEZ enforcement happens in a fair way.

“Since 2019, the Scottish Government has provided over £13 million through the Low Emission Zone Support Fund. Over 4,000 non-compliant vehicles have been disposed of or retrofitted with cleaner technology. This number includes support for taxi drivers, with over 450 taxis being retrofitted with the help of grant funding since 2019. At the same time we are encouraging a shift towards sustainable transport options. I’m pleased that the fund has enabled the purchase of over 2,000 bikes, e-bikes or cargo bikes for homes and businesses.

“Wider enforcement of Low Emission Zones are already underway in Glasgow, with Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh enforcement commencing in the coming weeks.”

For more details on the funding available visit or visit the Energy Saving Trust website.


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