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ADCU to stage HIGH IMPACT taxi & PHV protest against exclusion from Scotland's financial support

Image credit : Pixabay / ADCU remixed

The App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU Scotland) are set to stage a high impact protest on 29 December.

A Private Hire and Taxi "Sit In" will be taking place in George Square from around 10am following a short convoy starting in Townhead.

According to the ADCU, drivers are staging this demo to protest the total exclusion of their trade from COVID related business support as restrictions come back into force in Scotland.

Drivers will be staging a "sit in" in their vehicles around George Square and the surrounding streets in a bid to get their message across to the Scottish Government that urgent support is immediately required for the trade.

Union leaders are claiming that they are being ignored and left behind by the Scottish and UK Governments.

Eddie Grice, the Glasgow Chair of ADCU, said: "We are demanding to be heard. We put our request across and they have been ignored. Our trade is suffering again. Drivers are suffering again. This protest is about making sure we are listened to and engaged with and about securing support for hard working drivers who are at risk of losing their livelihoods yet again.

"Some business support is coming down for certain sectors, but we have been totally excluded again. Our trade relies on hospitality and people moving around. With restrictions coming back we will see many drivers going bust or simply abandoning the trade.

"We are requesting that Rishi Sunak reintroduced the support scheme for the self employed and that the Scottish Government provide industry specific support to private hire and taxi drivers. We cannot be left out in the cold and we cannot be left in a sink or swim scenario.”

ADCU leaders in Scotland have been calling on the Scottish Government to meet with them to discuss a plan of action and to explore support measures for the trade.


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