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Addison Lee and ChargePoint welcome Deputy Mayors to West Drayton EV Fleet Hub

Image credit: Addison Lee

Addison Lee yesterday welcomed Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance, and Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues, to its West Drayton Fleet Hub.


The visit follows the opening of the Hub earlier this year, which saw the installation of four ChargePoint ultra-rapid EV chargers, alongside a partnership deal that granted Addison Lee partner drivers with access to thousands of chargers across London through the ChargePoint app.

With the installation of another eight fast chargers at the EV Hub, the Deputy Mayors met with Andrew Wescott Director of Sustainability & Regulation, Addison Lee, and Tanya Sinclair, Senior Director of Public Policy, Europe at ChargePoint, to discuss:


  • The challenges facing EV charging for fleets across the capital, and the opportunity it presents for private partnerships to help achieve transport decarbonisation

  • How Government strategy and regulation plays a critical role in improving the experience of charging through measures such as ensuring various networks across London’s roads are fully interoperable so that drivers can quickly access EV charging in a way that works best for them

  • The importance of network roaming - critical to help enable London’s fleets transition to EVs, including access to data on the availability and cost of charging

  • The need for TfL and London boroughs to ensure EV drivers are provided with the right charging infrastructure in the right places. 

Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, said: “London's transition to being a net zero city by 2030 means we urgently need progressive projects like this. Not only will they achieve our climate goals but they will help clean up the toxic air. The Mayor has ensured we're already home to one third of all electric vehicle charge points in the UK and we've got more in the pipeline. Addison Lee’s collaboration with ChargePoint is a welcome and necessary next step on that journey.”

Seb Dance, Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: “It's great to see Addison Lee working with ChargePoint to provide the charging infrastructure their drivers need to switch to EVs, supporting Addison’s Lee ambitious target for all their passenger fleet vehicles to be zero emission by the end of 2023. We all have a part to play in cutting toxic air pollution and carbon emissions, and the Mayor is working with TfL and London boroughs to deliver significantly more charge points, to support London’s residents and businesses shift to EVs - good for everyone’s health and the environment!”


Andrew Wescott, Director of Sustainability & Regulation at Addison Lee, said: “Charging remains the greatest barrier to EV adoption for professional drivers. It’s great to have the Deputy Mayor for Transport and Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy at West Drayton to demonstrate how we’re tackling this issue head on. Our partnership with ChargePoint is a direct example of the work we’ve been doing over the last 18 months to support drivers through the EV transition. While we support the Mayor’s 2030 net zero target for the city, we simply won’t achieve it without greater provision of public and private sector charging infrastructure.”


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