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Alliance Infrastructure MLA welcomes Northern Ireland taxi fares review

David Honeyford MLA, spokesperson for Alliance Infrastructure, expressed his approval following the announcement that the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) will be concluding its review of taxi fares.

This news will likely come as a relief for drivers and operators who have experienced significant increases in costs, leading many to exit the industry due to the current fare structure.

Highlighting the challenges faced by taxi drivers and operators, including rising insurance and fuel prices, Mr. Honeyford stated: "I recently wrote to the Permanent Secretary at the DfI calling on him to act now to rescue the taxi industry from financial dire straits."

The initial announcement regarding a revised fare structure was made by then-Minister Nichola Mallon in September 2021.

However, it has been over two years since the consultation began, and a decision is still pending. The prolonged delay in reviewing the taxi tariff has resulted in the departure of numerous drivers, leaving communities without accessible transportation options.

The Department responded to Mr. Honeyford's letter, revealing that a decision to defer the issue was made in June, with plans to revisit it in the autumn. Currently, a comprehensive review is underway, and the Permanent Secretary will consider the findings before reaching a decision.

Expressing his optimism, Mr. Honeyford added: "I hope to see a speedy resolution to the taxi fares saga in time for the Christmas season, when taxis are the lifeblood of the festive economy."

The review of taxi fares by the DfI is expected to address the concerns of drivers and operators, who have faced significant financial burdens for a number of years mainly on the back of coronavirus lockdowns and fast paced inflation.


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