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’ANGEL’ TAXI DRIVER: London cabbie helps young family discharged from hospital in early hours

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

A ‘true gentleman’ London taxi driver described as an ‘angel’, was praised for his actions after helping a young family get home in the early hours of the morning.

The young mother with three children, the youngest aged just 11 months, was spotted waiting at a bus stop outside Kings College Hospital in South London.

The unknown selfless cabbie spun round to offer his services free of charge after concerns for the family who were discharged at 3am in the morning from hospital.

The grateful grandmother, known only as Julie, wrote to the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) to express her thanks to the black cab driver.

Julie wrote: "On Monday evening (6 December) my daughter had to rush my granddaughter, who is five, to King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill, Camberwell, as she was very ill.

“My daughter also had my two other grandkids with her, the youngest being only 11 months old. They were discharged from King’s in the early hours of Tuesday morning around 3am.

“My daughter didn’t have the cab money and was waiting at the bus stop, when this black cab driver saw them. He turned his cab around and offered to take them home free of charge.

“This man deserves to be recognised for what he did. I would also like him to know how truly grateful I am to him for getting them all home safely. He is an angel and a true gentleman.”


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