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Aqua Cars supports local Portsmouth children with generous donation

Image credit: Veezu

Portsmouth private hire firm Aqua Cars has contributed £500 to the local branch of the charity Cash for Kids.

The donation forms part of a broader effort coordinated by Veezu, the parent company that acquired Aqua Cars earlier this year.

The funds were provided under the "Funded by Veezu" initiative, designed to support local communities by offering grants to residents, charities, and sports teams. This initiative reflects Veezu's commitment to enhancing the areas where its operations are based.

Cash for Kids is a charity that plays a crucial role in supporting vulnerable children across the UK. These include children affected by poverty, abuse, neglect, life-limiting illnesses, and those with additional needs. Operating in 22 regions, Cash for Kids provides much-needed grants to community groups, charities, schools, and individual cases.

On 2 May, organisations nationwide participated in Cash for Kids Day, aiming to raise funds to combat holiday hunger. This ensures that children in need have access to hot meals during school holidays, a critical time for many struggling families.

Veezu's overall contribution to the effort amounted to £3,000, with donations coming from its operations in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Portsmouth. According to Cash for Kids, this sum will assist around 60 children, providing them with essential support during challenging times.

Sally Aitchison MBE, Managing Director at Cash for Kids, said: “We are so grateful to Veezu for supporting us across the UK in six regions for Cash for Kids Day. For the passengers of Veezu, they can feel confident in their choice, as they will be helping disadvantaged children access activities and food during the school holidays. For many children it will be their only daily meal. The generosity of companies like Veezu, as well as donations from the general public, help us help children that need it the most.”


Bruce Hall at Veezu said: “We are delighted to be giving back and supporting our local community with our first donation through the Funded by Veezu scheme. The work that Cash for Kids do makes an incredible difference to children across the UK, and it’s a joy to know that our donation will go toward providing a hot meal for those who need it the most."


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