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ARSON: Taxi and petrol pump engulfed in flames after man asks cabbie for a cigarette

Image credit: South Yorkshire Police

Police are searching for a man who engulfed a taxi and fuel pump with flames after asking the cabbie for a cigarette.

Officers have released a CCTV image of a man they would like to speak to in connection to the arson incident.

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) reported that on 13 April between 11.20pm and 11.40pm, a taxi driver attended the Shell Service station in Netherthorpe Road to refuel his vehicle.

A man approached him and asked for a cigarette. He then leaned over the fuel nozzle and set the fuel alight, causing the vehicle and pump to be engulfed in flames. Significant damage was caused to the vehicle and petrol pump. The man fled the scene on foot behind the station.

The fire was extinguished by staff and luckily no one was injured.

Officers are now wishing to speak to the man in the CCTV image as he may be able to assist with enquiries.


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