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Asset finance firm The Electric Broker unveils new website following demand for greener solutions

A leading electric asset finance company, The Electric Broker, has unveiled a new website to help clients discover which financial solution is best for them.

The Harrogate-based asset finance company focuses on funding environmentally conscious assets, such as Electric Vehicles, EV Charging and Renewable Energy. The investment in the website refresh has been driven by the increased demand for greener solutions from businesses. Additionally, the Government’s plan to ban the manufacture of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 means companies need to make the switch sooner than expected.

The website showcases the different options available to businesses who are looking to transition to environmentally driven assets. The newly designed website is looking to help businesses who are wanting to purchase a single vehicle or an entire fleet.

Furthermore, for those not sure which electric vehicle would be best for them, the new Electric Broker website features an EV builder and a Tax Calculator. As a result, companies can view a range of electric vehicles and compare tax implications, giving customers complete transparency on the vehicles they are looking to finance.

Chris Brown, Managing Director of Electric Broker and Ethos Asset Finance, said: “The new website development demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients. We are passionate about continuing to support those looking to electrify their assets.

“When it is safe to do so, we are excited to showcase the Electric Broker across industry events.

“The Electric Broker comes off the back of over Ethos Asset Finance, which has 20 years of experience within the vehicle finance sector. It is also recognised as one of the most respected and trusted names in the asset finance industry.”


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