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Australian taxi drivers could face $1,000 fines for refusing card payments or failing to use meter

The New South Wales (NSW) Government is taking action against dodgy taxi drivers who demand to be paid in cash, refuse a ride, or fail to turn on the meter.

Cabbies from NSW could now face a fine of $1,000 as part of a statewide crackdown on rogue drivers, following numerous complaints from passengers.

NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen said the Point to Point Transport Commissioner would be handed the task to bring in penalties that would curb the rising problems.

The fines could increase from $300 to $1,000, and undercover compliance officers are set to patrol cabs for illegal behaviour.

Cab drivers are required by law to turn on the meter once a passenger enters the vehicle, and they cannot refuse a rider based on their destination. The Minister said there are no fixed fares in the state for cabs that are hailed on the street, and the fare charged is the one indicated on the meter. It is hoped that the new measures will help to improve safety and reliability for passengers across the state.

Haylen said: “We will throw the book at them.

“There are no fixed fairs in NSW for cabs that are hailed on the street or a cab that picks up from a rank.

“They can’t demand a big fare, and the one they charge is the one that the meter says.”

Haylen added: “The reputation of our city is at stake here, we want to make sure people know that when they get into a taxi, it’s not a process of negotiation.

“It’s not a process of how much you are willing to pay, but that you pay the fare displayed on the meter at the end of your journey.”


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