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Autofleet to announce new packages for UK taxi and PHV operators

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Image credit: Autofleet

Autofleet, a leading optimisation platform for taxis and PHVs, is now offering dedicated packages based on operators’ needs and ride volume to enable all business sizes access to premium optimisation and patient transfer capabilities.

The new packages offered by Autofleet are based on operators' needs and are designed to provide minicab, taxi and private hire companies of every size—big or small—a complete solution that will allow them to reap the benefits of automation & optimisation. Including advanced capabilities such as optimised dispatching, planning, pooling and perpetual rides, resulting in a better, high-quality driver and customer experience.

“Autofleet Standard” and “Autofleet Pro”, include all the capabilities an operator might need to manage a successful minicab, taxi or PH business. With cutting-edge technology, built to maximise income using the same capabilities as those of the biggest taxi and ridesharing companies in the world.

The new packages are geared towards improving operational performance. Using AI to enhance dispatching, more accurate ETA and more completed rides. Included also are advanced ride services like perpetual rides, dynamic pooling, recurring rides, multiple pricing models, and an open-source, customer owned, white label, passenger app.

The Autofleet Standard package is a complete platform for small and medium taxi companies that want to maximise utilisation and revenue. The second package, Autofleet Pro, is designed for operators with more advanced use cases or for higher usage. Autofleet Pro includes a cutting-edge fleet management toolset, planning and re-optimisation, dynamic pricing, demand prediction and driver high-demand recommendations. It empowers additional services like NEMT or NHS patient rides, bussing, airport shuttles, etc.

Seth Hochhauser, Autofleet’s VP Strategy, said: "Our goal is to empower taxi companies with everything they need to thrive, and we're excited to announce these new packages that will help them do just that. Everything you need to maximize fleet performance, with the same capabilities as the biggest players in the world at your fingertips.“

In addition to advanced AI powered dispatching and optimization, both packages also offer in-depth reporting and 24/7 world class support.


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