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Autonomous Cruise robotaxi gets stuck in wet cement days after winning operational rights

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

A Cruise autonomous vehicle (AV) embarrassingly got stuck in wet cement just days after receiving permission to operate fully autonomous rides in San Francisco.

The incident was captured by a local resident and shared on social media, sparking discussions about the safety and future of AV operations.

The incident took place at a construction site on Golden Gate Avenue between Fillmore and Steiner Streets. Photos shared online showed the front tyres of a Cruise car deeply sunk into the drying concrete.

A spokesperson for Cruise responded promptly to the social media post, acknowledging the incident. A spokesperson said: “One of our AVs (autonomous vehicles) drove into a construction area and stopped in wet concrete.

“This vehicle has already been recovered and we’re in communication with the city about this.”

The untimely incident has once again ignited the debate surrounding the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles. Critics argue that such incidents highlight the limitations and potential risks associated with relying solely on computer-controlled systems. Advocates, on the other hand, assert that incidents like these are isolated and can serve as a learning opportunity for further improving AV technology and safety protocols.

While autonomous vehicle technology continues to advance rapidly, incidents like these demonstrate the need for responsible and cautious implementation. The incident involving Cruise's AV also raises questions about the responsibilities AV operators bear when such situations occur. It is likely to prompt further discussions between the company and local authorities to prevent similar incidents and ensure the safe integration of autonomous vehicles into urban environments.


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