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Average age of Scottish taxi drivers creeping up as recruitment concerns linger

Taxi driving is one of the most common occupations in Scotland, with over 30,000 licensed drivers in 2020.

However, the industry is now facing a challenge of an ageing workforce, as many drivers are approaching retirement age and fewer young people are entering the profession.

According to the statistics from Transport Scotland, the average age of a Scottish taxi driver in 2020 was 54.4 years, up from 53.8 years in 2019 and 52.6 years in 2018. This means that more than half of the drivers were over 50 years old, and only 7% were under 35 years old.

There are several factors that may explain why taxi driving is an ageing occupation in Scotland. One of them is the high cost of entry, as drivers need to invest in a vehicle, a licence, insurance and maintenance. Another factor is the lack of formal training and qualifications, which may deter young people who are looking for career progression and recognition. A third factor is the competition from other modes of transport.

However, there are also many benefits and opportunities for taxi drivers in Scotland. One of them is the flexibility and independence of being self-employed, which may suit some people who value their own schedule and lifestyle. Another benefit is the social aspect of interacting with customers and other drivers, which may provide a sense of community and belonging. A third benefit is the potential to earn a decent income, depending on the location, demand and hours worked.

Taxi driving is a profession that has its pros and cons, and that requires a certain level of commitment and passion. It is not an easy job, but it can be rewarding for those who enjoy it. The average age of a Scottish taxi driver may reflect the current challenges and realities of the industry, but it may also change in the future as new technologies and regulations emerge.


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