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Beer drinking pedicab driver and blocked pavements raise fresh concerns over passenger safety

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Image credit: Tom Hutley (Twitter)

A London taxi driver shared concerns for pedestrians and passengers using pedicabs after footage of a pedicab driver drinking alcohol emerged.

The black cab driver, Tom Hutley, who is also a well known YouTube influencer with over 75,000 subscribers, yesterday shared footage of 29 rickshaws blocking pavement access outside the Lyceum Theatre. The theatre attracts young families from across the world with its long-running production of The Lion King.

In a separate video and in a different Covent Garden location, another pedicab driver was seen drinking from a can of lager whilst chatting to a bystander or colleague.

Tagging in the Met Police, Hutley said: “Is this a fit state to be taking passengers? Drury Lane, Covent Garden.”

Pedicabs are not regulated in London and can charge any price they like. The start of the year saw the Met Police clampdown on loud music played by pedicab drivers looking to attract business.

This was followed by eight successful court prosecutions regarding offences from the end of last year. The prosecutions wracked up nearly £5,000 in fines and costs for those found guilty.

Pedicabs have also been known to block busy taxi ranks preventing licensed taxis from using them. Blocking the pavement also forces passengers into the active road space.


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