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Being 'Legalled': What does the term mean in the taxi industry?

In the world of the taxi industry, there are certain terms and customs that may not be immediately familiar to everyone. One such term is being 'legalled', frequently used by London black cab drivers.

Traditionally, being 'legalled' indicates that the customer pays the exact fare without leaving a tip. As many Londoners are aware, black cab drivers are known for their remarkable knowledge of the city and commitment to providing a safe and comfortable journey.

The term 'legalled' emerged to describe the exchange where no tip is left. While taxi drivers do not expect a tip as a requirement for their services, they do however very much welcome and rely on them as a gesture of appreciation. Tips in the taxi industry are a way for customers to express gratitude for a job well done, excellent service, or a pleasant journey.

When it comes to the average tip for cabbies in the UK, there is no fixed amount. The size of the tip often depends on several factors, including the length of the journey, the level of service provided, and the customer's personal experience. As a general guide, customers typically leave around 10-15% of the fare as a tip if they feel pleased with the service offered.

It's worth noting that although tipping is common, it is not mandatory, and there is no obligation for customers to leave a gratuity. Whether to tip or not ultimately remains at the discretion of the customer.

Tips can help cabbies supplement their income, especially during challenging times or in the face of rising expenses. Many taxi drivers work long hours and tips directly help cabbies reach daily targets quicker and allows more time with their families.


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