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BIG NOISE: Five pedicab drivers fined over £5,500 for noise pollution with more awaiting trials

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Image credit: Soho Police

Five pedicab drivers were handed fines totalling more than £5,500 after pleading not guilty to street noise pollution charges.

Met Police Soho shared the results of the prosecutions, with another two more drivers facing similar similar charges pleading not guilty awaiting court dates.

Police brought the charges under a Section 62 which relates to the Control of Pollution Act. This section, subject to a few exceptions, makes it an offence to operate a loudspeaker in a street between 9pm and 8am for any purpose and use load speakers at any other time for advertising any entertainment, trade or business.

Soho Police said: “7 out of 5 pedicab prosecutions listed today. 5 riders were fined a total of £5682. The other 2 pleaded not guilty therefore trial date set.”


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