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Biggest tip given to Bolt driver this year was £14 & longest trip 135 miles long UK data shows

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Image credit : Bolt

Ride-hailing firm Bolt released its data from 2021 to show how Brits move around their cities.

One Bolt rider in the UK took 556 Bolt rides in 2021 - that’s an average of 1.5 rides every day, and the longest Bolt ride in the UK was more than 135 miles long, and cost over £227.

Across the world, the UK ranked tenth in terms of generosity, with the biggest tip given to a driver standing at £14.

According to the data, the most popular day for ride-hailing in the UK this year was 3 July.

The most popular ride-hailing destinations in the UK this year were all connected to travelling and shopping:

  1. St Pancras

  2. Heathrow Terminal 2

  3. London Euston

  4. Heathrow Terminal 5

  5. Stratford Westfield

  6. Birmingham new Street

  7. East Croydon

  8. Waterloo

  9. Stratford

According to Bolt data, the UK’s a forgetful nation, as Bolt drivers have reported some interesting items they’ve found in the back of their cars, ranging from electricals to food and a lot of booze.

Funny lost items from the UK include:

  • Bag of raw meat

  • Electric scooters

  • An Xbox

  • A TV

  • Nail clippers

  • Fresh flowers

  • Lots of alcohol.

Sam Raciti, Regional Manager, Western Europe at Bolt, says: “Our year in review shows that people are using ride hailing as a true alternative to car ownership, and it's great to see our service making the country more accessible and aligning with public transport use.

“Bolt is on a mission to help cities be built for people, not cars. If people would give up their private cars and use on-demand services only when they need them, we could combat congestion and pollution in the UK’s cities. With ride-hailing, Bolt provides a better alternative to the private car. We’re really grateful that our clients are playing a great part in that process, and we’re looking forward to challenging mobility habits together.”


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