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Birmingham City Council takes action against 330 illegally parked cars on taxi ranks in July

Image credit: Birmingham City Council Licensing

Birmingham City Council Licensing has reported a significant number of fines being issued during the month of July to private vehicles that were found parked in designated Hackney Carriage Ranks.

In total, a staggering 330 fines were handed out, indicating a prevalent issue in the city.

Among the various areas affected, Institute Road in Kings Heath stood out as the most problematic, with a noteworthy 50 fines being issued in that location alone. This surge in unauthorized parking has raised concerns among local authorities and taxi operators.

Hackney Carriage ranks are specifically designated areas where licensed taxis are permitted to park, pick up passengers, and provide a crucial service to the community. However, the presence of private vehicles in these designated zones hinders the smooth operation of taxis and disrupts the accessibility and convenience they offer to commuters.

Birmingham City Council Licensing said: “330 Fines issued in July to private vehicles parked in Hackney Carriage Ranks.

“Unusually Institute Road in Kings Heath was this moths 'winner' with 50.”


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