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Black cab driver reported to court for driving through M60 RED X sign and stopping in live lane

Updated: May 18, 2022

Image credit: GMP Traffic

A black cab driver has been reported to court after driving through a motorway red X sign and stopping in a live lane in Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers witnessed the taxi driver travel through the closed lane on the M60 junction 9 stretch of the motorway.

When asked to pull over by the police patrol car, the black cab proceeded to stop in a live traffic lane rather than the hard shoulder.

According to police sources, the driver has now been reported to court.

GMP Traffic said: “This one drives through Red X on the M60 Jct 9 Clockwise, requested to stop with plenty of time to stop on hard shoulder before the hatch markings but decides to stop live lane.

“Tells the cop they are a professional driver... Reported to court.”


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