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BLACK CAB RETROFIT: Mercedes-Benz Vito taxi passes TfL inspection

HJS Emissions revealed that London's Mercedes-Benz Vito taxis have successfully passed a Transport for London (TfL) inspection, marking a significant step in the city's efforts to combat air pollution.

The inspection is part of a broader initiative to retrofit existing taxis to meet Euro 6 emissions standards, a move aimed at enhancing air quality across the capital.

The HJS spokesperson said: "Just an update for London Vito taxi owners! We passed the TfL inspection this week."

They added that the next phase of assessments is set to take place at Millbrook, with further updates expected later this month. The light-hearted addition that the taxi needs cleaning did not detract from the importance of the announcement.

Retrofitting taxis to meet stringent emissions standards aims to provide a new component to London's strategy to reduce air pollution. By upgrading older vehicles rather than replacing them with new ones, the move hopes to provide a more economical solution for taxi drivers. The approach not only helps meet environmental targets but may also support the livelihoods of the drivers hoping to avoid the higher costs of purchasing new, compliant vehicles.

As London continues to fight against air pollution, the successful passing of the TfL inspection by HJS Emissions is seen as a positive step forward in the taxi industry.

A spokesperson for HJS Emissions, said via : “Just an update for London Vito taxi owners! We passed the TfL inspection this week.

“Next stop Millbrook, we will have more news for you later this month! (and yes we know we need to clean the taxi!).”


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