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Black taxis back at Luton Airport but they must be ULEZ compliant

Image credit : Pixabay /LEVC remixed

Licensed hackney carriage black taxis are back operating at Luton Airport following a spell on the sidelines, but this time with one condition; they must be ULEZ compliant.

A manefesto pledge was made by Councillor Javed Hussain for the airport to open the hackney carriage rank to give better job opportunities for local drivers who had been competing in town for fares since private hire firm Addison Lee had won the contract to operate at the airport.

According to Bedfordshire Live, the taxi drivers must be operating in a ULEZ compliant taxi, which will allow them to drop off in London without paying a charge, adhere to a dress code and accept every fare no matter how short or far.

Hussain said: "I had the immense pleasure of delivering on a manifesto pledge of a Hackney Carriage rank at Luton Airport albeit in a temporary location in the drop off zone until the proper rank is constructed.

"This is excellent news for local drivers who can finally work from Luton Airport again while removing polluting old vehicles from our town."

Addison Lee, one of the UK's largest private hire firms, won the exclusive rights to operate at Luton Airport in 2016. With the recent announcement, they will now be competing side by side with hackney carriage taxis who once reigned supreme at the airport.


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