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Blackpool to adjust taxi tariffs in response to economic pressures

The Blackpool Taxi Association (B.T.A) has proposed significant changes to the Blackpool Hackney Carriage tariffs, set to take effect in March 2024, marking the first adjustment since January 2023.

This move, aimed at addressing the ongoing economic challenges and the impact of fuel costs, has been put forward to the Blackpool Council Licensing Committee for consideration.

The proposed adjustments include an increase in yardage and maximum tariffs, with a notable 40 pence addition to the starting price on Tariff 3, elevating it from £3.20 to £3.60, and on Tariff 4, from £5.20 to £5.60.

Furthermore, Tariff 2 is suggested to be the minimum fare effective from 27 December to 31 December, to accommodate the festive season's high demand.

The B.T.A's proposal comes after a thorough review of the current economic climate, fuel prices, and the need to maintain a competitive edge within the taxi industry. Despite a stabilisation in fuel prices, with diesel and petrol costs averaging lower than the previous year, the overall cost of living and vehicle maintenance continues to rise, impacting drivers and service quality.

An Unmet Demand Survey highlighted instances of passenger waiting during peak times, suggesting fare adjustments could benefit both drivers and passengers by encouraging availability during high-demand periods.

Additionally, comparisons with national averages indicate that even with the proposed increases, Blackpool's fares would remain below the national average, potentially improving the local taxi industry's competitiveness.

The Blackpool Council's Trading Standards and Licensing Manager views the proposed changes as reasonable, considering the economic pressures and the goal to incentivise drivers during peak times. Subject to approval, these adjustments will be advertised, with the implementation set to proceed if no objections are received.

The council has the option to maintain the current tariffs or introduce the proposed changes with amendments. These decisions align with Blackpool’s economic growth and opportunity priorities, reflecting the council's discretionary power to fix hackney carriage fares under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.


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