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‘BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS’: Wolverhampton taxi compliance officers travel to work alongside TfL

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Image credit: WV Public Protection

In an effort to bolster ties and enhance cooperation between Wolverhampton and London, taxi compliance officers from the City of Wolverhampton Public Protection department have been working alongside Transport for London (TfL) this week.

A spokesperson for the City of Wolverhampton Public Protection stated: "Wolverhampton taxi compliance officers working in London with TfL. Building relationships."

The exchange is likely to centre on the topic of private hire vehicle (PHV) cross border hiring rules. PHVs are licensed vehicles that can be pre-booked by customers through a licensed operator. Cross border hiring refers to the practice of licensed PHVs operating outside of their designated licensing area. In this case, Wolverhampton licensed PHVs would be legally working within the boundaries of London.

As it stands, to operate legally within London, Wolverhampton licensed PHVs are NOT required to comply with the necessary regulations and standards set by TfL. These regulations may include specific vehicle standards, driver licensing requirements, and vehicle emission limits.

Cross border hiring has been a topic of controversy within the taxi industry for some time. Critics argue that it creates unfair competition for local taxi services, potentially leading to a loss of income and job insecurity for drivers. Concerns have also been raised regarding the possible evasion of local licensing regulations and the impact that this may have on passenger safety.

Proponents of cross border hiring argue that it increases consumer choice and encourages more logistical business practices across different licensing areas. Additionally, it allows licensed drivers from one area to offer their services in locations with high demand, potentially benefiting both drivers and customers.


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