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Cabbies feeling ‘optimistic’ about change after Sheffield electric taxi trials says Sherbet CEO

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Image credit: Asher Moses (LinkedIn)

Taxi drivers are feeling ‘optimistic’ about the change to greener electric vehicles after cabbies get the chance to trial the purpose built cabs in Sheffield.

Sherbet’s CEO, Asher Moses, visited South Yorkshire to talk to licensed taxi drivers about their experiences driving a new electric black cab.

Earlier this year, Sheffield City Council opened a new scheme giving local taxi drivers the chance to trial an electric taxi. Eight “Black cab” style London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVCs) will be available for two weeks.

The council chose to work with Sherbet, who were the winner in the competitive tender to deliver the scheme. Sherbet currently operate 500 electric taxis around the country.

All of the electric taxis are wheelchair accessible and aim to give drivers a hands-on experience of an electric taxi, while being cleaner, greener and saving on the cost of diesel.

Asher Moses said on social media: “I have spent 2 days talking to drivers about going Electric and the conversations have been great. Everyone is so optimistic about wanting to make the change, now we just have to make it happen!

Image credit: Asher Moses (LinkedIn)

“The drivers who have taken the trials with us so far have been nothing but positive about buying the Electric Taxis after the trials and helping their city go green.

“Another 8 taxis going out on trials today. It's so exciting to be part of this stage of helping Sheffield become clean and green and it's so important for every city to make these changes for all our benefit.

“If you're a city thinking of doing taxi trials why not get in touch. We're happy to share our knowledge with any city or transport organisation who wants to know how to turn their cities green using licenced taxis!”


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