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Cabbies MUST continue to wear a facemask if their licensing authority or operator requires them to

Updated: May 18, 2021

Image credit: Pixabay

Taxi drivers in England must still continue to wear face-coverings if their licensing authority or operator requires them to.

The Government has updated taxi and private hire guidance to fall in line with 17 May easing of lockdown.

Updated Guidance:

‘Aside from the driver, a passenger should avoid sharing a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) with someone from outside their household or support bubble unless their journey is undertaken for an exempt reason. For example, if sharing the vehicle is reasonably necessary as part of a passenger’s work, you do not have to refuse to carry them.

‘Passengers must adhere to social contact rules when travelling by taxi or PHV, including only gathering to travel in groups of no more than 6, or 2 households, aside from the driver, unless they are travelling for a reason that is exempt.‘

Drivers are advised to follow this guidance even if they have been vaccinated.

Before a passenger enters the vehicle, drivers should ask if they have:

  • coronavirus symptoms – a fever, new cough or loss of smell or taste

  • had a positive coronavirus test in the last 10 days.

Drivers are advised to refuse service if they have.

Cabbies must continue to provide support to disabled passengers to safely enter and exit the vehicle, and must continue to assist disabled passengers with their luggage and mobility equipment.

Drivers are also being advised to show passengers their face while socially distancing so that they can identify them as their driver.

While travelling in a taxi or private hire vehicle, passengers must wear a face covering, unless they are exempt. A driver can refuse to take a passenger if they are not wearing a face covering and they are not exempt. Passengers do not have to provide proof that they are exempt.

Drivers do not have to wear a face covering, but the Government recommend that they do if it does not affect their ability to drive safely. Licensing authorities or operators may ask them to wear a face covering. Drivers should follow their guidance if it does not affect their ability to drive safely.


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